Mountain Lion roaming Rowlett


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Jun 14, 2011
Pops, it's the reason I posted the article; to make sure any folks in the area are aware. Y'all walk safe over there!
They're certainly around from time-to-time. A trail camera at a deer feeder caught one a few years ago - one of the counties bordering the Red River, north of Dallas. A few reports (no photos) of one on the west side of Allen - again, a few years ago. Mostly dismissed as a Bobcat sighting; however, one guy & his wife were adamant, it was a cougar they saw while out walking. He was a hunter of many years and said he damned well knew the difference between a bobcat and a mountain lion! A big male hit and killed by a car west of Ft Worth, in Parker County, I believe (might have been Palo Pinto County - don't recall for sure) - again, a few years ago.


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Jun 23, 2014
My daughter has them on her place near the Red River. She sent me a pic of one less than 1 year.

I reminded her it has parents.

Fwiw, we have a "resident queen" on our family farm near Talco, TX. = She often brings her kittens out to play on our pool dam early in the Spring mornings.

According to a TPWD biologist, "Unless there is a shortage of prey for food OR the female is 'driven away by human activity' most female cougars will not generally travel much beyond 5 miles of their place of birth. On the other hand, males have a large territory & may range over very large geographical areas."

ours, satx


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Jan 31, 2019
Abilene, TX
I wonder how many family pets and/or kids have to be eaten before the liberals begin to advocate for open carry in their neighborhoods. I myself hate to see the pets attacked but the kids of liberals? Meh.
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