Moving to Houston. Any ranges that let me shoot my own steel plates?


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May 14, 2008
The Woodlands, Tx.
Im going to be moving to the free state of Texas come 2021 from commiefornia and own quite a few steel sillouettes and plates (AR500). We had this nifty thing called BLM land (public land) where you could drive to and set up and shoot to your hearts content as long as it was safe and didnt cause fires. I shoot steel there all the time at 100-150 yards. Looked online and i couldnt find anything within 2 hours of Houston that allowed me to bring my own targets much less shoot steel. Any help fellas?
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Aug 1, 2020
houston tx
Leigh John at Brazos River Sportsman's Club in Fulshear is one of my closest friends. I RSO out there periodically. Give him a shout. The range is likely pretty muddy right now, but will work fine for your steel. The range isn't fancy, but so long as you kept it safe, you'll find it's very accommodating. Call to make certain that the rifle range is available if you're wanting 100-150 yds. There are also some three gun ranges that can do 50 yards if that works & rifles isn't open.
thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely check them out once im in the area.
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