MPA 1988 is gone (Ode to joy).

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  • London

    The advocate's Devil.
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    Sep 28, 2010
    Twilight Zone
    As I've said, I normally don't encourage criticizing trolls as it only encourages them by feeding their masochistic needs. But MPA1988 is gone for good and I'm betting some people still have a few things to say about him they'd like to get off their chests. So that's what this thread is for. My thoughts:

    I would rather train with James Yeager for a year than MPA for a day.

    Even for California it's shocking someone like him would ever be given a badge, let alone keep it for any substantial amount of time. This assumes he wasn't lying (I'm unconvinced).

    He was the LEO version of Gunkid.

    He is a disgrace to every uniform he ever wore (this is assuming he never wore Nazi regalia).

    He was an excellent example of how someone with extreme mental issues such as denial, lack of cognitive dissonance, and superiority complexes can nevertheless function in society.

    He's a perfect example of how full of shit the gun training industry can get.

    I'm glad he's gone; it's bad for the board to have newbies, lurkers, and occasional users see someone like him not get banned and assume his behavior is normal or condoned. I still suspect him of being one of those NSA agent provocateurs who get paid to troll websites all day. I wonder where he's going to troll next.

    At any rate, I hope he enjoys being right about absolutely everything all by himself. Lesser men would pity him for his self-isolating deluded behavior.


    TGT Addict
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    Jul 1, 2011
    lol... Seems he really had an impact on you, London. You might miss him.

    Why was he banned anyways?
    He plagiarized and was turned out almost immediately by Clarke with an assist from Younggun.

    Should be either an award or reward. ;)



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