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Nov 5, 2008
Any black powder shooters here?
I have a Lyman GPR and a white mountain carbine. Planning on building a flint squirrel rifle when I have some time.


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Mar 10, 2008
I have a .44 Walker Colt cap and ball pistol (Italian made replica) and three rifles. One is an Allen Thurber replica (cap and ball) and the other two are Hawkins (one is a flintlock and the other is cap). All are .50 cal. They are on display near my fireplace. I haven't fired them in over 25 years.


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Aug 7, 2008
San Antonio
Have a few, some are shooters, some don't get out much anymore.
First muzzleloader was an early T/C Hawken, in .50 percussion. Shot it a lot, taken a number of whitetails with it. Doesn't get out much anymore.

Pietta Remington 1858, the small (7/8 size) version. Compare it to a later production Uberti or an original, and you can see it is a bit small. Good shooter, though.

Dixie's older .32 Squirrel rifle, in flint. I've reworked it a couple of times, but I'm not very comfortable with it. OK shooter, but never been exceptionally accurate.

Forgot the importer at the time, but bought one of the Italian M 1803 Harper's Ferry rifles. Flint, .54 caliber. Pretty rifle, but not a close copy. Lock is a rockbasher, geometry is wrong, hardening over rough bumps and lumps, just not great quality. Hardening on the frizzen was VERY thin, required rehardening after less than 100 shots.

Have a Jim Chambers (Flintlocks Inc) 20 bore Pennsylvania Fowler.. Great shooter, very fast ignition. I've hunted doves with it, as well as whitetails. Great quality parts, built up nicely.

Latest rifle is a Tennesee poorboy style built from Track of the Wolf parts. .45 caliber flint, hangs well, good shooter. Taken a couple of whitetails with it.


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Sep 14, 2008

A Thompson/Center Hawkin and a Texas Trail Guns Armory double rifle; both in .50 cal. Hammered an 80 lb. hog, with 370 gr Maxi, using the TC.
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