My .22lr ammo for your .22lr subsonic/standard v.(Houston)

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  • txpaulie

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    Jun 26, 2012
    Cleaning out my ammo closet and found I have little subsonic ammo left...

    I have lots of HV for trade. All is .22lr.

    Looking for pretty much anything <= 1050 fps.
    Prefer CCI standard velocity or SS, but am not too picky.

    Would like to trade even-up, but I do understand that my ammo is mostly crap. :)

    I AM NOT A HOARDER. Most of these came from numerous Ol' Lady trips to Wally-world and Academy over the years...
    I used to ask her to pick up some .22's, back when it was available. I have a 100rnd box of Rem Target with the price tag still on it, $3.78!

    Prefer FTF in/around Houston.


    Rem .22 Target 100rd box x 8 = 800
    Blazer .22 500rd brick x 2= 985 (I used 15rnds. out of one box for a suppressor test.)
    Win Xpert HV 500rnd bulk pack(BP) x 2= 1000
    Win 333rnd BP x 1= 333
    Fed 550 BP x 1= 550
    Fed automatch 325rnd BP x 3= 975
    Rem GB 550rnd BP x 3= 1650
    Rem GB 525rnd BP x 4= 2100
    CCI MiniMag HP 100rnd box x 4= 400
    CCI MiniMag 100rnd box x 2= 200
    Fed Lightning(red box) 50rnd box x 5= 250
    Fed champion(blue box) 50rnd box x 6= 300
    Rem Thunderbolt 50rnd box x 6= 300

    Will post picks if'n there's any interest.

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