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Mar 13, 2008
South Central Texas
I am and have been a 1911 guy for over 30 years, but I haven't had a 5" for quite some time. I was in a gunstore that I usually don't buy from, due to price and lack of selection, looking for a new carrying case for my two AR15's, and as I passed the guncase I saw something RIA Tactical. I have never even given RIA the time of day until I saw this gun, I picked it up and asked the clerk if I could inspect it. He said yes and I field stripped it and was impressed with fit and finish. He handed me a dummy round to try the trigger and again I was impressed, not the best trigger pull, but surely not the worst I had ever felt. I asked if he had a pull gage and I tested it.....4lbs and just a little creep!!! Just where I wanted it.
I asked him how much he could come off the retail of $510.00 and I laid $450.00 cash in front of him and he took it without even blinking. That is the least I have ever spent on a new 1911, that I have bought for myself. I am looking forward to getting it cleaned up and to the range this weekend.



Feb 14, 2009
South Korea
Congrats on the new 1911... I have 2 of the RIAs I bought a couple years back.. They go bang everytime I pull the trigger... With the Hogue grips they are a pleasure to shoot...
Do you have picks of your 1911 with Hogue griips on it? I love shooting with a Hogue grip and wanted to see what it looks like on a 1911...


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Mar 13, 2008
South Central Texas
Well, as I always do with a new gun, I detail stripped the RIA Tac, cleaned and relubed every part. Everything was good and tight, the way it should be. Took it to the range and fired 50 rounds to test the reliability...perfect. Sent the empty brass in a nice pile just over my right shoulder and never missed a beat. I use the factory mag and two of my Wilson 47D's. All three locked back the slide on empty. All three mags dropped freely when empty. Slide locked into battery fully after each round.
Accuracy and point of impact seems to follow what I have read here and elsewhere. 1"-2" low and 1"-2" left of point of aim. Grouping was fair but not anything to rave about. I shot 8 rounds from the factory mag at 15yards and 25 yards. The ammo was Remington 230gr. FMJ. No wind blowing at all.
15 yard target

25 yard target


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