My old Chinese SKS


Jan 27, 2009
Comanche Co., Texas
Held a spare SKS barrel and receiver and an AR15 magazine and discovered that not a lot of metal would have to be milled away for the magazine to seat properly. Saw plans once for modifying an SKS to take AK mags like I think its a Model D or M SKS but too great a chance to boo boo and ruin the rifle. I feel the AR15 mag will feed 7.62X39 or with a follower mod and could be held in place with a small box like device like Magnolia State Armory's mag device for Galil/Golanis, but permanently attached with a mag release.

I have had this old faithful SKS over 25 years and its never belched or stumbled but I detest the Chinese 10 and 20 round magazines, wasted some money on hi cap ones that were supposed to work but were junk. Finally found an ugly 30 rounder with that snout out front that works. I don't want a Model D or M, I'd like this one as I can picture it.

Have: An Sks. Ruger Ranch Rifle,
AR15, Golani
03A3, US P17,
Win Mod. 1895 And Others
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