Napolitano Loves Texas.

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    Nationalists urge Perry to stop feds from dumping aliens in Texas

    November 12, 2:41 PM[​IMG]Texas Nationalist Examiner[​IMG]Dave Mundy

    NEDERLAND, Texas – The Texas Nationalist Movement has challenged Texas Gov. Rick Perry to “walk the walk” on nullification by interdicting federal attempts to use Texas as a dumping-ground for apprehended illegal aliens.

    Gov. Perry this week sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Janet Napolitano protesting the federal Alien Transfer and Exit Program (ATEP), under which some 34,000 illegal aliens apprehended in other states would be funneled through the Texas town of Presidio, creating an undue burden on local officials and further endangering Texas residents. The program is scheduled to begin Sunday.

    “Turning the Presidio area into a way station for the repatriation of illegal immigrants adds responsibility to local authorities and holds the potential of increasing the strain on local and state infrastructure and resources,” Gov. Perry’s letter said. “This plan will increase the likelihood that these individuals will immediately cross back into Texas, which is already bearing an uneven burden in dealing with immigration and border security issues along the Texas-Mexico border.”

    Texas Nationalist Movement president Daniel Miller on Thursday challenged Perry to “walk the walk” on his stated stance on nullification by using the Texas Rangers’ newly-formed Ranger Recon Teams to stop the shipments.

    “We’d like to ask Gov. Perry to put his money where his mouth is on nullification,” Miller said. “We’re asking him to use those new Rangers to interdict the transports bringing those criminals in from other states and turn them back.”

    Miller called the ATEP program “another instance of the U.S. government punishing Texas for our independent stance on so many issues.

    “This is proof more than ever that the federal government doesn’t care about border security and doesn’t care about Texans,” Miller added. “Now more than ever, it’s time to leave.”

    Miller said the TNM leadership will be issuing a call to its membership to support “pro-active action by Gov. Perry” to prevent the dumping of the illegal aliens.

    Perry has repeatedly urged the federal government to approve his request for 1,000 Title 32 National Guardsmen to support civilian law enforcement efforts to enhance border security in Texas. In the absence of that support, he recently announced the state’s newest border security enhancement through the formation of Texas Ranger reconnaissance teams to work with the U.S. Border Patrol in keeping the border secure.

    Texas has seen an increasing number of incidents of cross-border violence centered around Mexico-based drug gangs. The U.S. government has repeatedly ignored incursions by persons dressed in Mexican military uniforms and armed with military weaponry which have crossed the border in support of drug smuggling operations.

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    Time to "man up" Mr. Perry and tell the fed to F*ck off!
    If this shit keeps up there will be good old Texas boys turning them back as buzzard REM"s warmed in the Texas sun!
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    Houston, Cy-Fair

    He has nothing to lose and votes to gain by doing that.
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    "War-ezz" , Juarez is suffering a population decline like 1500 in the past year and even 15 one day last week, I suggest Ms.Napolitano and House Spkr. Pelosi go immediately to that City and spend a little time there in person doing a study of the need of immigrants from the US who are detained in the US as unducumented aliens.

    Well ?

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