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Apr 23, 2009
This article will get your blood boiling. Seems every day there's there is something that trumps yesterday's atrocities. [url][/URL]
Supervisor Asks Woman To Take Down American Flag

Is it okay to show your patriotism at the office?

For one Arlington woman, the answer was "no" after she hung an American flag in her office just before the Memorial Day weekend.
Debbie McLucas is one of four hospital supervisors at Kindred Hospital in Mansfield. Last week, she hung a three-by-five foot American flag in the office she shares with the other supervisors.

When McLucas came to work Friday, her boss told her another supervisor had found her flag offensive. "I was just totally speechless. I was like, 'You're kidding me,'" McLucas said.

McLucas' husband and sons are former military men. Her daughter is currently serving in Iraq as a combat medic.

Stifling a cry, McLucas said, "I just wonder if all those young men and women over there are really doing this for nothing."

McLucas said the supervisor who complained has been in the United States for 14 years and is formerly from Africa. McLucas said the supervisor took down Debbie's flag herself.

"The flag and the pole had been placed on the floor," McLucas said. But McLucas also said hospital higher ups had told her some patients' families and visitors had also complained.

"I was told it wouldn't matter if it was only one person," she said. "It would have to come down."

McLucas said hospital bosses told her as far as patriotism was concerned, the flag flying outside the hospital building would have to suffice.

Kindred Hospital Corporate Headquarters are located in Kentucky. They have yet to make a final decision on the matter. They have not returned our phone calls for comment.

The Kindred Hospital Corporation was chosen as Fortune's most admired for 2009. McLucas hopes they'll back her patriotism.

"I find it very frightening because if I can't display my flag, what other freedoms will I lose before all is said and done," McLucas asked.

And their e-mail contact.

Kindred Healthcare - Nursing Centers


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Jun 12, 2008
I read a follow-up that stated according to Kindred, the dispute was over the size of the flag (BS) and that the lady was invited to put it back up. She had not been contacted yet to get her side of what was said by Kindred Health.

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Mar 6, 2009
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Because this person from Africa does not know the difference between being a guest and being a pest.
That's it! 100% African, They don't like their country because they get oppressed. When they get out of their country all they can do is complain about ours. And please if you dislike this country get the F out, it is that simple.


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Mar 11, 2008
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They back peddled and her flag is back up; but the protesters are still there.

God Bless America! :patriot:



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