Negligent Discharge at Premier Gun Show in Waxahachie


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Jun 23, 2014
good habit to have, more people need to do it
Butchjones; luprof,

The BEST practice is to NOT pick-up any firearm at any vendor's exhibit W/O asking the vendor first IF it's OK to do so.
(The cylinder on many revolvers will be "marked" by opening/closing a NEW revolver.)

Fwiw, in the days when I was an employee of a gunshow vendor, I've long ago lost count of how many IMPOLITE "shoppers" who grabbed a firearm & "snapped it" W/O asking & before I could stop them doing so.
(We finally put everything "under glass".)

yours, satx

Glenn B

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Sep 5, 2019
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Had nothing to do with it? They allowed the vendor to check his own guns, and I assume they just took his word for it?

Yeah, that worked out great.
The promoters at the few shows where I have had a table took my word for it that my guns were unloaded. Of couse, the zip ties through the actions (which the promoter at only one of the shows went around to check) kind of made it obvious. I don't understand why a promoter would not require all actions to be zip tied or the firearms in some other way incapacitated from firing in the event it could not be zip tied through the action. I also do not understand why not all vendors secure them in such a manner.

As for the vendor checking the guns to see if they are loaded or not, that would require opening each action of each gun, do you think a promoter has the time to check however many thousands of guns are at such a large show? It would be impractical to say the least if not actually impossible to do before opening the show for business. The responsibility should be that of the vendor although the promoters should be responsible in as much as requiring zip ties (or some other method of making them safe). Checking that each gun is so tied would be much quicker than physically opening each action to assure all of the guns are not loaded and is practical. As I said, I have seen that done at one show and it worked out well, so that would be quite doable at any gun show in my opoinion.


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Jun 14, 2011
I think if I were ever a vendor, I'd provide my own zip ties and make darn sure all the guns on my table were secured in such a manner. I mean, that would be a simple and inexpensive way of substantially reducing my own liability!

As far as these sickos who may go around loading live rounds into display guns, they need to have the book thrown at them! Good thing (for their sake), I wouldn't be their judge in court. They'd be looking at some serious time "in the big house"!


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Jul 24, 2013
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Just great. A non-FFL vendor at a gun show with an ND. We don't want more background checks but this doesn't help the cause. I can hear the anti-2A now "screaming "gun show loophole".


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Jun 14, 2011
I found it interesting the police that checked the vendor's table actually found another gun with a .22 round loaded in the chamber! Either the vendor had absolutely no business (pardon the pun) being allowed in the venue to begin with, OR somebody was intentionally up to no good. (???)

[Just another reason I'd personally be putting zip ties on all my stuff!]

[ETA]: Until satx78247 and rmantoo posted their stories, it never would have dawned on me, there are sicko nuts like that floating around a gun show. (Even at my age, sometimes my own naïveté surprises me... and I've pretty much seen it all!)
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