Nested Can Hadnguard Temp Test and Specwar Pics

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  • 1slow01Z71

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    Jun 24, 2012
    Ive read of a few people asking if the specwar fits under handguards since the lock ring is a little larger in diameter than the actual can body. It fits fine under my seekins MCSR rail so Id say as long as your rail has a 1.8" ID or larger that itll work fine. With that said, its a pita to get the lock ring undone without taking the rail off. It does work and Ive gotten semi decent at it but this can is really only used on this gun so Im not taking it off and on a bunch.
    Tried to get the best shot I could of the lock ring to handguard clearance I could


    Comparison to my phantom the specwar is slightly smaller in diameter but a little longer

    Overall of it

    I think Im going to switch to a SWFA 1-6 SS and put this scope on my 12.5" 6.8SPC and get an AR gas vent forward assist with a little silicone on the charge handle to cure some of my gas face issues. Ive ran my 338 can on here and all 3 of my 308 cans on it and they all are overgassed so I need to get that taken care of or I may just throw an adjustable gas block on it.

    Ive also read where a lot of people say the can makes the handguard too hot which is simply not true but I haven't had cold hard facts to back it up til today. I went out to my grandmas and shot off a few rounds. Prior to shooting the handguard was 92* and the can was 95* as it was pretty warm today. I shot 30 rounds at a coke can that was 25 yards away as fast as I could, shooting any faster than this I just cant see having much point as youre not being very accurate. Even at a higher rate of fire I don't think the can would get much hotter. After 30 rounds fire the handguard was 115* over the barrel and 120* over the actual can. The can was 230* at the end, couldn't get a good reading closer to the muzzle due to the handguard being in the way. I was able to hold the gun by the handguard directly over the can with no problems at all. So Id say unless you do a couple of mag dumps back to back I cant see this being a problem as the gun itself started off fairly warm to begin with and only got a little over 20* warmer.

    Some of the brass made it out of the catcher because I forgot to tuck the dust cover under the catcher so it was bouncing them.

    Also I recently went from a yhm ti phantom qd circa 2011 can to the specwar and its awesome. I cant say enough about how much quieter the specwar is. The specwar shooting supers is barely louder than the phantom shooting subs. I know that sounds ridiculous but its a giant difference in sound. Shooting subs now truly is like shooting a pellet gun. Im very happy with the performance of this can and would recommend it to anyone. Locks up solid, and is basically what the 51T design should've been from the beginning. Did I mention its quiet? It is a long heavy turd but for me the whole point of the 300blk is chunking decent sized lead very quietly and it now does that.



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