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Oct 21, 2021
Howdy and welcome.
ARC is a decent range but be aware, the action bays are hard to come by due to constant matches every weekend. And the rifle range goes only to 200 yds.

any recommendations on alternatives? from the little searching I've done it seems like the best place got shut down by developers and is now selling to the ones that got them shut down.

Welcome from Bastrop, Texas. Texans prefer to own their own land instead of letting the government own it.

looks like to be guaranteed that local government won't shut me down even on my own land in Texas I have to own more than 50 acres (I don't have anywhere near that currently). I'm not opposed to doing so but then I have to either spend seven figures (or least mid six) or I have to spend low six figure AND drive 3-4 hours each way to get to *MY* place to shoot. I prefer private to public sector for almost everything but in Phoenix I could drive 15-20 minutes out of the city and have access to tons of BLM land to shoot, four wheel, whatever. BLM generally doesn't care as long as you can't do any worse than the mines did. When it's a <hour drive I know I'd make that drive every weekend, when it's 3-4 it would end up being a rare treat. My two cents anyway.

Being from California is not criminal. But moving to Austin is a huge red flag. Please don't be Austin. Welcome.
Its a pretty part of Texas

Location was driven by business interests, not the people of Austin

Welcome how north of the cancer are you? I live in jarrell. I know of some ranges.

Round Rock. Recommendation are appreciated.

Thanks for the welcome everyone
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