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    My first 2011.
    Never saw the point given where I used to live. Now that I can have magazines that accept what the grip will hold, they make more sense to me.
    I had a collection of parts floating around for quite awhile. I was hoping to build the gun myself but just ran out of time and inspiration over the years. So I finally reached out to a buddy that had some work done by someone that he was VERY happy with. So I reached out, we figured out the scope of the work, and I sent the pistol off. When it came back to me I wanted it milled for a specific MRDS. I came across a company that does what I was looking for 20 minutes from my home. I dropped it to them and in 2 weeks it was done. They recommended a gunsmith (again, 20 minutes from my house) that does slide cutting (it’s a JEM slide and was a boat anchor). I gave it to him and got it back yesterday.
    To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement.
    Thank you to:
    Greg Krebaum
    He built the gun. The trigger is dumb crisp.
    Vulcan Machine Works
    They did the optic cut at a reasonable price in very short order
    Robert Upegui - @RSU_Arms
    Robert did the slide cuts with minimal input from me. They are gorgeous and he’s a hella nice guy that builds amazing race guns and actually answers his phone!
    Thank you to everyone that helped me on this one!!
    Military Camp


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    It looks awesome. I'm gonna contact vulcan and get my slide milled too.
    They are awesome to deal with. Good luck!
    That’s a slick looking pistola there.

    Post up a range report when you get a chance.

    Gonna shoot some competition with it?

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    Thank you. Will do.
    I have a Shadow2 all set up with holster, etc. I'd most likely run it. I like running double/single in matches.


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    I finally got the pistol out.
    It seems like it's gonna be a smooth shooting handgun. I had some issues and only got about 5 rounds through it before they popped up. Got home, gave it a GOOD scrubbing and I'll try again hopefully soon.
    There was some grit in the gun that I missed, unfortunately. Led to a stoppage.


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    Dec 7, 2017
    Savannah, TX
    Keep in mind that many pistols require extended break in periods too. Hundreds of rounds sometimes.

    Don't get too frustrated with early failures.
    I had an Ed Brown pistol that took about 400 rounds before I considered it reliable to carry. Others have been 1-2 trips to the range and cleaning.


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    Sep 23, 2021
    That's a good looking pistol!
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