New to me Surefire and VTAC mount

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    Oct 16, 2012
    I went from a TLR1 mounted on the far side with a tape switch on the left side to click w my thumb to this setup. Wow. This is much better. I always hated having that cord on the gun. Figured it would snag or fray eventually at the wrong time. I may switch out the Surefire with another down the road but i am definitely convinced this is the way to mount a light.

    As far as having the pistol grip so far back...i dont really grip it fully if that makes sense. So my hand is farther forward with my thumb on top of the handguard with my pinky and ring finger only on the vertical grip. Thus is the life of the carbine length owner. I know the long handguards/rails have their advantages.

    Also this frees up my TLR to go on a pistol!


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    Aug 11, 2008
    Nice setup, and congrats on the new light.

    I mounted my Sure-Fires underneath the hand-guard but I use the fore-grip and can actuate the button with the back of my index finger, and I like the grip near the rear of the rail.

    I have seen one technique with the little 2-finger grip mounted at the front end of the bottom rail and using a hold like yours where the thumb goes over the top and the grip acts as more of a stop. I think he had a rail on the side of the sight tower with a light mounted there.

    It's great there are so many options so everyone can find what works for them.



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    Oct 16, 2012
    Well, for the sake of intellectual honesty...

    after some testing...I switched the AR back to the TLR1 configuration, but setup on a Magpul Scout foreward setup mount on the left side (no tape switch).

    I still am wildly impressed with the Surefire, but I do not like having a weapon light with multiple outputs unless they can be locked out. I want the light to perform the same every time I click it. The Surefire Defender E2D has a high and low output mode. I still have a role for this light but it's not on a gun.

    The TLR1 will serve me until I get the money budgeted for a Surefire single output light to put back on the AR.



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