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  • ac130abovegetdown

    Definitely a Glock Fanboy
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    May 21, 2022
    OP might read these two threads to familiarize himself with how many of us feel about California and people from California,

    I understand how prideful Texan people are about their state. However, I’m not that typical California liberal, voting anti gun type shit. I’ve always been into guns, then i figured out I can’t own a regular AR-15 in CA so I decided to research on why we can’t. Did, then realized that CA sucks and it can go to hell. Now, I’m prettying much pro-gun, pro-2A, and I don’t vote for democratic idiots.


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    Nov 7, 2013
    Humble, TX
    Originally, I’m from California. Moved here two weeks ago. Long story short, had an opportunity and decided to escape communism. Anywho, I heard that you can buy firearm related stuff on here through FTF transactions so this’ll be my go to website for private sellers. Thank you for having me.

    Welcome and I left CA in 2003 to work in Houston and have never looked back. Alot of choices and freedoms here in Texas. I married into a Texas family and now I consider myself a Texan.
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