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  • mtbspeedfreak

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    Dec 7, 2013
    Hey folks!

    I'm new to Houston and new to Texas! Originally from PA, I moved to CA after graduation for a great job opportunity (knowing full well that it would be temporary). I paid my dues and when the opportunity came up to move to Houston, I jumped on it. It's nice to be back in America!

    While I was there, I saved my pennies and a few weeks ago, I purchased a very nice AR-15 which has been taking up most of my time and money these days. :laughing: I'm currently building another, researching pistols for concealed carry use (G29/G36/G27), and saving up for a nice big game hunting rifle (.30-06/.300 Win/.300 Wby). Oh, and I'm slowing getting a start on handloading too.

    Since I'm a new resident, I have to wait 6 months before getting a CHL - in the meantime, are there any members on here that have a G29 or G36 they use for concealed carry? I'd love to chat with you.

    Also, from my experience in such an anti-gun state, I've purchased an 80% lower receiver and I've heard of "build meet ups" where folks build their own complete lowers while people who've done that before can answer questions if the need arises. Are there such meet ups around here?

    Hope to hear back!


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    Nov 22, 2011

    Just thought - "Houston" is the size of small state, so it might be useful to put a slightly more specific location reference in your profile.
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