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  • knayewesttx

    New Member
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    Dec 15, 2008
    San Antonio, Texas
    I'm new to hand guns and I'm new to this site. I've only shot twice. First time was with a GLOCK 17, 9mm and the second was with a Sig Sauer P229 (9mm). I had better aiming with the Sig. Don't know if it was because it was my second time or because of the gun. Need some help choosing not only from those two models but from which ever model u guys recomend. I'm from the San Antonio area. (any good gunshop prices)?

    I'm looking to get my Concealed Handgun license also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!!!!


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    Jan 3, 2009
    Waco, Texas
    I just went thru the same thing that you are going thru. I ended up going with the FNP9 FNP9 DA/SA . It is also the same gun as the Browning Pro 9 (they make it for Browning). I tried several and it felt and looked the best to me. I also could not find a single bad review on the gun. Good luck in your quest for the perfect handgun.


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    Jan 12, 2009
    The best shooting handgun I’ve ever fired was a 1911.and there is no question it is because of the trigger. Guy I used to work with had a Sig in 9mm that he was always going on about. So one day me and him go to the range and I get to try the Sig. I can’t hardly get it on paper. The trigger was absolutely horrable. You start pulling and then you keep pulling and a whill later you’re still pulling wondering when the thing is going to go off. Really just terrible.

    My 45 (1911 style) on the other hand has maybe 1/16’ travel on the trigger. Very crisp, very clean. Very easy to make 3’ ragged holes very quickly.

    It’s just my opinion but I think you can’t go wrong with a quality 1911.


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    Jan 12, 2009
    What you need to do is shoot a heck of a lot more. Just about any known brand gun will be fine today. But practice, listen to your buds, take some classes, its money well spent before jumping into a new gun.
    Hang out at a big gun store and bother the sales guy until you have held and pointed every gun that interests you. Then go to another store and do it some more. Then you will know what you like, not just what we would like you to like. Don't overlook the used market. Most people don't shoot a whole lot. As long as it was cleaned and cared for a gun will last a couple of lifetimes. A seasoned friend or dealer you like can help you decide. Oh yeah, the 2 you have tried are fine guns.


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    Jan 14, 2009
    i go to academy for my guns
    they have limited selection but good deal on guns
    just go to the store and hold every gun u like and get a feel of what size and grip u prefer
    i suggest getting a full size handgun, it's easier to learn in my opinion



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