New Year's Eve

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  • AcidFlashGordon

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    Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve. Here in Las Vegas, we'll have what some of us residents call the "Million Drunk March," that being all the people partying on the closed-to-traffic section of Las Vegas Boulevard South, a.k.a. the Strip. Some of my friends who are in A.A. call New Year's Eve "Amateur Night" because people who don't usually drink much do something they don't usually do .... go out and get completely shitfaced drunk. For me, I have a bottle of champagne in the fridge that I may or may not drink. I haven't stayed up to celebrate for more years than I care to count. I think the last time was sometime back in the late 80s when I was still in my 30s.

    Here's hoping that you have a great celebration with friends and family .... but please don't let anyone drink and drive. We do NOT need any more statistics of drunk driving deaths on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately we will have them.

    Happy New Year

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    Feb 24, 2009
    Me and momma going out for the first time, and i shall partake a little In adult beverages

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Grand Prairie, TX
    I'll be inside watching the ball drop on TV. I'll have a toast with my wife sometime during the evening.
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