New York Court Threatens To Remove Child from Home Over Yard Decoration


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Jun 23, 2014
Imagine a judge telling you that unless you rid your yard of a rock painted with the Stars and Bars that they will take away the custody of your child. This is the New America under the Democrats, and every petty official now feels empowered to act out their deepest socialist fantasies at the expense of the public.


To quote JOE PAGS, who has a talk show each weekday afternoon here in SATX on WOAI radio, that DY JUDGE "can pick a cheek & kiss it".

IF I lived in NY (That thought in 2021 makes me GAG.), I would put up a lighted (with surveillance cameras) 30' flagpole & fly a 10x10' BATTLE FLAG 24/365 & DARE anyone to molest it or my family.
(I'm descended from one of the "old REBEL families" of AL, GA, MS & TX.)

When I was on Army AD, I always flew a Texas & a CSA battle flag on my radio antennas, including at Ft Drum, NY & W/O even one complaint..
(The USA was MUCH MORE TOLERENT of free speech & free expression in 1975. = Virtually ALL Americans believed in the whole BoR & the US CONSTITUTION back then.)

NOTE: By an act of the DC CITY COUNCIL & SIGNED BY THE Mayor, I am the SOLE person who is allowed to fire RIFLE,MUSKET and/or CANNON SALUTES (up to 10 days each calendar year) in/for CSA Memorial Ceremonies. - As I no longer reside in DC, I am allowed to "designate another person" to "act in your (MY) stead".
(I was informally asked to NOT fire BP Artillery pieces larger than 12-pounder size, because of noise, in DC. - USUALLY the FIRING BATTERY for CSA services is a full battery of 6 six-pounders.= On occasion we had as many as 8 tubes, including a 12" bore MORTAR.)
NOTE: the PROPER number of CANNON SHOTS is NOT 21 but rather 13, i.e., ONE round for each CSA State.

Since I was asked "off-forum" about CSA Memorial Ceremonies in Washington, DC there are SEVERAL each year, including (in some years) on the US CAPITOL grounds, at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, at Ft McNair & at other locations where our CSA veterans are interred.

BTW, I was a member of THE CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL ASSN. of the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA since the 1970s.

I will also mention the yearly CSA Memorial Ceremony at Jackson Circle at ANC on CONFEDERATE DECORATION DAY, which is NEAR but NOT in DC.

yours, satx
USA, Retired
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Jan 3, 2010
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I spent a few miserable years working in NY. It's a strange place. First of all, not all the people are screwed up. Most of the population - and therefore all the controlling votes - are in the Hudson Valley (NYC & Albany). There are decent folks in the center of the state and up in the Adirondacks. Unfortunately, they've grown so accustomed to being run by the NYC folks that they have no hope regarding making any changes. Whatever the state says, they hang their heads and go along. Corruption is deep and obvious. Get a speeding ticket and don't want it on your insurance? If you get a lawyer, he can get it changed to a non-moving violation like "loud muffler" for an appropriate fee. Judges process stacks of tickets like that every day. Some guy got stopped by the cops near where I lived (in the country). He must have said the wrong thing to the cops because they arrested him for having a concealed weapon in the car. A .45? An AK? Nope, it was a softball bat. He was driving home from a softball game. While I lived there a guy in Syracuse shot a rabid 'coon that was threatening the kids in a nearby park with his father's .22 pistol. He was arrested the next day for 1) hunting out of season, 2) hunting without a license, 3) using a firearm within city limits, 4) possessing a pistol without a permit to carry concealed (they don't have a non-concealed version), and 5) possessing pistol ammunition without a pistol permit.

All these rules make it a safer place? A cop in Syracuse got killed when he accidentally walked between 2 cars of gang-bangers and none of the firearms they used were legally purchased or owned. Imagine that.

When David Duke (neo-nazi, KKK wizard, felon and all around scumbag) ran for governor in Louisiana, a newspaper in NY managed to get ahold of a list of people in NY who contributed to his campaign and published their names and addresses, encouraging people to go after them. As much as I dislike the guy, it grinds my gears to think that it's ok to try to destroy people who might have differing political opinions. So to see a city go after someone for a painted rock is just another day in NY.

Living there taught me something very useful: There is not enough gold in Ft. Knox to convince me to live north of the Red River ever again. Same goes for east of the Sabine or south of the Rio Grande.


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Feb 1, 2009
This an example of what I mean when I say they don't think much of southerners. You effing idiots, it's a yard rock!


Aug 1, 2014
When I was working for the DOE I was recruited for a position at the Brookhaven National Lab at the east end of Long Island. I flew out there and spent a few days interviewing and looking around the area. Long Island is a strange place with everything from the Hamptons to trailer parks. The people are flat out weird. Plus, you also have New York City, the suburbs and then rural upstate. Somehow the only thing that ties them together is inbred liberalism to the point it is almost fanatical. California gets all the press, but New York is just as bad, maybe worse.


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I decided I didn’t want to raise kids in Houston and the wife agreed. About that time the MIL started putting pressure on the wife for grandkids.

Her brother ended up getting a girl knocked up @ his first duty station. He wanted to do the right thing & get married. Both the in-laws were totally against it. The MIL went so far as to contact his company commander to order him not to get married.

It was then I told the wife her mothers fucked up logic would guarantee if we had kids I would not want them to around her parents.


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Dec 15, 2019
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And That's How The Fight Started With My Mother-In-Law

A few years ago year, I thought it would be good idea to purchase a cemetery plot as a birthday present for my mother-in-law...

The following year, I didn't get her a present.

She was not to happy about this and questioned why I didn't get her a present.

I responded "Well, you still haven't used the birthday present which I purchased for you last year!"

And that's how the fight started.....



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