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NFA Pic's Lets See.....

Discussion in 'Class III / NFA' started by randmplumbingllc, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. baboon

    baboon Well-Known

    Hell if it's Todds shit I wouldn't buy one!

  2. HKaltwasser

    HKaltwasser Active Member

    Yeah, I know too many people feel that way. I don't sweat it too much.
  3. Recon2018

    Recon2018 New Member

    Jan 9, 2018
    Austin, TX
    loose interpretation of MK18 with geiselle SD3G trigger and bootleg bolt carrier, law tactical folder. Noveske chrome lined 10.5'' barrel. EO TECH was with me since I was a kid in highschool, all the way up to sitting on my M4 in Afghanistan, and now post Army on this AR. I love it. AAC M42k supressor, extremely quiet. 100% reliable so far custom build. Need to take it out with some mk262 mod 1 to test it's accuracy. Very little gas blowback with carbine length gas system, Geiselle gas busting charging handle, and bootleg supressed bolt carrier *kit includes all bolt components too by the way..recommend over gemtech suppressed bolt carrier which I also own.

    Supressed VP9 via rugged obsidian 45 with Surefire X300V (emits white or IR light). This can is big but almost hollywood quiet with 158grain rounds. Extremely reliable and accurate and SMOOTH function so far with ALL ammo while suppressed; was not the case until I swapped recoil springs from "red" to silver. Need PVS14s and a PEQ15 (or civ. equiv.) to round it out! Sold a Sig P320 tactical because it didn't suppress as reliably as a stock VP9 which I find hilarious (didn't run off the shelf 158g ammo). Current VP9s come with the silver spring so no reliability issues (More felt recoil unsupressed with silver spring though, so recommend owning both).

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  4. V-Tach

    V-Tach TGT Addict Forum Sponsor

    Sep 30, 2012

    Rugged make a good suppressor...imho....Rugged Rep for Texas is a friend of mine....we had a demo with Rugged suppressor at the local PD range last week...
  5. ZX9RCAM

    ZX9RCAM Over the Rainbow bridge... TGT Supporter

    May 14, 2008
    The Woodlands, Tx.
    My Walther Navy came with 2 springs in the box.
    One for normal shooting, and one for suppressed
    First time I'de heard of it.
  6. Recon2018

    Recon2018 New Member

    Jan 9, 2018
    Austin, TX
    Honestly could not be more happy with my rugged supressor. Easy to clean/take down, can run in smaller config., EXTREME sound reduction. Makes my 9mm pistols with 158s sound like a BB gun. My next purchase, when I build a 6.5 creed or .308 rifle, will be a rugged surge 7.62 can, or a thunderbeast. Haven't decided yet, will probably come down to how I want to mount the can (likely direct thread so probably going thunder).

    Some pistols with light recoil springs ALA VP9's old style spring will not work well with some ammo. I had every other round fail to feed or eject, forget which it was so long ago, while shooting suppressed. Then I put the new, most recent stock spring in it. MORE RECOIL unsupressed, but supressed it shoots amazingly. Even dirty it cycles just fine (hundreds of rounds btw).

    My sig P320 came with just 1 spring, was a tactical version, and was undersprung from factory; could not reliably cycle 158g in my rugged obsidian 45.

    DIdn't want to invest the time to make the p320 run properly, disgusted a gun came from factory intended to be supressed and couldn't run all ammo easily.

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