NFL to play black national anthem


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Feb 1, 2009
The song is not bad to listen to. Hardly applies to the Godless hordes looting in the streets
To those of you who don’t know the black national anthem is named Lift Every Voice and Sing. One of the most well known rendition is one that Ray Charles did in the 70’s in do believe.

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Nov 1, 2015
Wichita Falls
I really wish that Texas would secede from the union,and then kick everyone that isn't a Native Texan out of the state the very next day.

Let's just start everything over!
You realize that every illegal that crosses into Texas to have a baby has just produced a Native Texan. You really think they are better than someone that has been a Texan by choice since 1972? Biden wins the election and I will help with the secede movement.

John Galt

Mar 17, 2020
Several years ago there was a petition going around for California to secede from the USA. We were docked in San Francisco at the time when some Gucci Chick on the street presented it.

Of course I signed it.
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