Not sure what I was expecting...


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Jul 1, 2008
Hell I’ll do tactical training at my house for $800
Please provide your qualifications and experience for us.
Do you have a bald head and a goatee? Do your pants have more than five pockets? Do you have a shower gun? What is your opinion of 10mm as a backup gun caliber? And have you ever made a YouTube video denouncing Paul Harrell?

We have to establish your credentials.....

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Jul 14, 2020
Doug, you could always take a class from James Yeager. He's one classy dude.
Thanks for the suggestion! After you posted I looked at his course offerings and the courses I saw appeared to target LEO and civilian contractor military units. One of the major hurdles I faced trying to find the right instructor was a facility based issue. Just not that many open gun ranges that provide the ability to have a 180 degree field of fire. Such as a walking drill where you encounter multiple threats from different directions. I’m not suggesting those were simultaneous threats. Kind of hard to describe. But... kinna like walking downtown Austin but with the ability to do live fire drills. For now we’re done with the training. Today was our last day. I’m going to report on our last day but I’m going to post it on a new reply to this thread. I will give a few hints as to how it went. #1... I think the owner of AWATT is either a member here on TGT, monitors this site or had someone inform him of my post. Today was fairly productive.
Thanks again for the suggestion.


Feb 9, 2012
I should offer a class on how to survive Ham & Mothers, but C-Rations are old fashioned. LOL!
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