Nov 5th election


Aug 29, 2010
South of Houston
I'd almost forgotten about today's election. Personally, I'm against #6. Kind of sounds like a 'slush fund' to me. Nor do I like #3. Not in favor of special 'carve outs' just for aviation parts. Tomorrow, Nov. 5, is
Election Day in the state of Texas. In addition to many local races around the
state, including an important Mayoral race in Houston, Texans will be voting on
nine proposed constitutional amendments that were passed during the 2013 legislative
session. The proposed amendments include Prop. 6 which has received a lot of
attention and scrutiny. This proposition would take $2 billion from the state’s
Economic Stabilization Fund (“rainy day fund”) to pay for water projects.

It is also important to remember that Texas’ Voter ID law is now in effect

In addition, there is one special election for the State House to fill the
vacant seat in District 50 which includes Northeast Travis County (including
parts of Austin and Pflugerville).
We encourage all Texans to educate themselves and to make plans to vote in the
important Nov. 5 elections.


Sarcasm Sensei
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Jan 15, 2012
Personally, I'm against #6. Kind of sounds like a 'slush fund' to me.[

LOL ... the money is already coming from a slush fund.

About the best breakdown I've read of what Prop 6 is about.

If Proposition 6 Passes, What Comes Next for Water in Texas? | StateImpact Texas

What I particularly like is ...

If there’s one thing that is certain, it’s that Prop 6 would likely spur a burst of interest in the state water planning process, a bottom-up system in which regional groups put together proposals for their areas and then send those up to the state level for inclusion in the State Water Plan.
While admit this will generate another layer of bueracracy, at least it's at a local level and reachable.

Without Prop 6, look for local districts to raise money via property tax to create their own water boards.


Feb 19, 2013
Austin, TX
If you really want to get into the public water debate you should go onto the Austin Bass Fishing Forum. They have some opinions on the topic.


Ginger Avenger
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Jul 31, 2011
hill co.
I know they are already pulling water from a couple of local lakes that are already struggling and piping it up towards the metroplex.

Texas has had an on going drought for some time and it's hitting the aquifers and lakes hard. I'm not to find of funding a pipeline to pump my lakes dry, which is what some areas to the north are already trying to do.

I have not read prop 6 in its entirety, but I do know those areas are looking for funds to build new pipelines and where they want them to go.


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Jul 24, 2009
If you live in a rural area you should be against prop 6. From what I read it would allow the bigger areas to pipe the water away from rural AG areas in favor of bigger cities. Also I have read that it nullifies the eminent domain laws. I'll try to find that article again.


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Oct 4, 2013
Gunz are icky.
Just returned from voting.
They did check my photo I.D.

Whats really funny is I went to the doctors office(first time there) before voting. They checked my photo I.D.! LMAO.
Gotta show ID at the Dr. and some weinerheads whine about showing an ID to vote.
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