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Now BATFE says you cannot let someone shoot your NFA in your presence

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  • Renegade

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    Mar 5, 2008
    Fun is over. They have Acknowledged their error:

    “The Q&A currently listed on the eforms account is incorrect. In this scenario, the registered owner of the NFA weapon is co-located with the firearm and thus no transfer has occurred. However, if the person firing the NFA weapon is prohibited from possessing the firearm there could be a GCA violation. We are working to correct the site as quickly as possible.”


    Just Another Boomer
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    Nov 22, 2011
    It's atf. Retards is all they have.
    Not true. Yes, they employ lots of Special Agents who couldn't make it at the FBI. The even worse ones wind up in agencies like the Railroad Retirement Board.

    But I have known Special Agents with ATF who were smart, honorable people. Only a couple, I admit, but the guys with the guts to be first through the door do exist. The best I ever knew died at Waco and I still miss running into him on breaks and chewing the fat.

    ATF is like some police departments. Some are big and have a few bad officers who reflect badly on the rest. Some police departments, though, are small and seem to be magnets for badge-heavy assholes. There may be one or two good guys to be found but they tend to keep quiet.

    ATF, on the criminal enforcement side, is closer to the latter. That's a sad thing to have to acknowledge. I just wish they'd acknowledge it to themselves so they could start fixing what's broken. :(
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