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Now camping out is verboten

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  • Aus_Schwaben

    First to know - Last to care!
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    Jan 31, 2019
    Abilene, TX
    Having parks is racist (this article) - not having parks or enough of them is racist.

    And when folks try to go plant trees in "underserved" neighborhoods, the locals get mad and run the folks out.

    I wish they would make up their pea-picking minds up!


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    Jul 31, 2011
    hill co.
    I read the article. I think many here have either not read it, or completely missed the point of it.

    This paragraph is just one that makes the point of the article clear:

    “Her report is the latest attempt from the liberal media to attach nefarious right-wing origins and/or designs for seemingly apolitical aspects of American life, including motherhood and exercise.”

    It’s not an article about any racist origins of camping. It’s an article showing the lunacy of the left, and this Vice writer in particular.


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    Dec 7, 2017
    Savannah, TX
    It would be easier if they’d just list the things that aren’t racist…

    Would be a very short list.

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    Democrats are very good at slinging names on everyone. The party of 'tolerance' becomes very upset with any individual thought or action outside their control.
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