OFFICIAL 2013 TGT Secret Santa Sign-up Thread


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Jun 6, 2011
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Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! Welcome to the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] annual TGT Secret Santa Thread. This has been an amazing year in this community. Folks have proven their generosity over and over again.

This is the announcement and sign-up thread only. Please read all rules carefully. There is a $25 minimum (nicer gifts encouraged). Santa Tejano is watching closely, so treat your kid well. If you wonder why there are rules, which will be enforced, I have done these Secret Santa exchanges on other sites. Inevitably, you will have someone signup and not live up to their obligations. The rules below are to minimize the risk of any foul play. If you don’t qualify this year, then never fear- we will do this again next year.

Any comments regarding the gift limit, or any other rule, should be sent to Santa's mailbag (PM me). Santa is here to ensure the naughty get coal and the nice get treated right.


1) Eligibility to participate. In order to participate, you must meet one of these qualifications-
a) Admin/Moderator; or
b) Lifetime Member; or
c) Forum Supporter and Member for at least 3 months (prior to signing up); or
d) Attended at least 1 TGT Range Day (include which Range Day in your signup PM) and Member for at least 3 months (prior to signing up); or
e) Member for at least 6 months (prior to signing up) and have over 200 posts.

2) If you decide to participate (and are eligible), then please PM me the following:

Your FULL name and Address

Please title the PM as Address for Santa!

3) Only Post in this thread your desire to participate in the exchange. As you add yourself to the list, please copy it and paste into your post to keep the list going...It makes it a lot easier to maintain it if you all help!

The list will stay open until November 30th. I will do a random draw to assign a kid to each Santa, PM everyone their Secret Santa recipient, i.e., kid, and then delete all the addresses in Santa's PM box. When I send you the recipient PM, I will send you your kid's address as well. As folks go out of town for the Holiday, I'd think a mail on date of no later than Friday, December 13th would be best. When you mail your kid’s package, you will be asked to post the delivery confirmation (“DC”) number in the aftermath/discussion thread.

Suggestions on how to improve this are welcome, as well. Please PM them to me or put them in the discussion thread.

4) Sign-up will be closed on 11/30, NO EXCEPTIONS!

I will start two other threads relative to this will be a WISHLIST THREAD for kids who sign up to post their wishlist suggestions. Remember, these are wishes and not a guarantee. Secret Santa's do not need to feel obligated to fill their kid's wishlist, but it's nice to have a place to start! Please do not clutter this list with banter...It should be kept to the wishlist posting to help you Santa's bless your kiddies!

The other thread will be for posting DC numbers, Discussion, and pics of the aftermath. Banter is TOTALLY welcome and appropriate in that thread...Have fun!


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1. Tejano Scott
3. SIG_Fiend
4. Sugar Land Chuck
5. TundraWookiee

Too drunk to comprehend all the details but I'll check this again tomorrow.

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May 15, 2013
Im gonna goahead and add myself im just a few post from the requirements.

1. Tejano Scott
3. SIG_Fiend
4. Sugar Land Chuck
5. TundraWookiee
6. ArmyZach
7. Jparks54

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