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OK fellers, what are you prepping for?

Discussion in 'Home Preparedness and Shelters' started by O.S.O.K. 1961, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. HKShooter65

    HKShooter65 Well-Known

    Caribbean Vaq?

    Have a sweet girly rum drink and get annoyed with how Texas got screwed with the murky gulf coast water.
    Good for trout and redfishing. Not as pretty too look at.

  2. Mowingmaniac 24/7

    Mowingmaniac 24/7 Well-Known

    Nov 7, 2015
    Of late, I've been watching a bunch of prepper documentaries.

    The reasons to prep vary widely.

    Each plan is so full of holes the biggest benefit I see in doing so is it reduces preppers anxiety regarding a bleak, riot filled, break down of law and order future, oh the list is endless to prep, a global endemic, nuclear war and on and on.....

    If the shtf, no prepper is going to make it much longer than the you live an extra horror filled 6/12 months and then it's over.....prepping is a 'feel good' exercise in futility......
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  3. baboon

    baboon TGT Addict

    I have said it before & I'll say it again. When I was to young to be trusted home alone my parents would drag me to the supper market when they went grocery shopping. I would go over to the magazine rack & mostly look @ gun magazines, but all the survival/prepper existed 50 years ago.

    The reason it still exist is people are paranoid & easily made more paranoid. And that sells & appears to be a profitable industry.
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  4. Mowingmaniac 24/7

    Mowingmaniac 24/7 Well-Known

    Nov 7, 2015
    In the overlooked category: No one lives forever........and frankly, if living a bit longer in horror, grief, and dismay at the loss of the world going down - who the hell wants to still be alive?

    Not suicidal......realistic....I wouldn't care to still be breathing if the world was ending.
  5. BRD@66

    BRD@66 TGT Addict

    Jan 23, 2014
    Liberty Hill
    Maybe if you spent more time with pois, er, venomous snakes.....
  6. Texas Heat

    Texas Heat Member

    Sep 10, 2017
    Houston, TX
    ^^^^THIS. Currently, I prep for power outages caused by natural disasters. I have a wife and two kids that I want to keep comfortable. I don't think I can carry us through the end of times. I have about 20 more years to work. I'm looking for land to buy now that I can prep for my retirement. I would like to go off the grid but that's more to connect with nature and not so much my "bug-out location".

    I do enjoy the survivalist/prepper reading/forums but reading them only makes you see how unprepared you'll always be. No one is prepared for everything. But just for funsies, of all the big deals to prep for, I think the most likely, not high likelihood but most likely, could be power grid going down by way of EMP, global resources/food shortage due to astronomical population growth all of which would cause societal breakdown.
  7. Younggun

    Younggun Doer of Deeds TGT Supporter Admin

    Jul 31, 2011
    hill co.
    I’m prepping for the Democratic primaries.

    I have 3 months worth of popcorn stockpiles but given the general outlook it may not last more than 6 weeks so I’m going to have to really buckle down. Looking in to some extra storage options also.

    Have an industrial popcorn popper in order as well, I just hope it gets here in time.

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  8. gshayd

    gshayd Ugliest house on the block.

    Nov 25, 2018
    Beaumont, Texas
    I ain't prepping for anything except hurricane season. I need to get a good natural gas generator put up to run the house. Need to get the old well working again. That will be about it.

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