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  • huck finn

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    Feb 11, 2009
    san antonio
    Growing up as a kid I learned to shoot hand guns down in Aransas pass with my grand dad’s ruger single six. And as my dad and grandpa acquired and sold hand guns there were always new wheel guns to shoot and fall in luv with. As for brands & models they varied, but there did seem to be a trend for black hawks. When I was old enough to buy one for my self it stood to reason that I to would choose to buy a ruger Wheel gun but I broke the mold and sunk an entire pay check in to a GP 100. Now if any one has shot one of these it soon becomes apparent that the GP 100 suffers from wide grips that reduce the angle of a speed loader so that was the first mod I Ever made to a fire arm a new set of pacmyers boy that changed everything, balance, point-ability, comfort if you have one swap em out and become a believer. I later joined a little club commonly referred to as Uncle Sams Misfortunate Children and they introduced me to the M-9 berretta, hey isn’t that what mell gibson used in "lethal weapon" now im must truly be a baller huh?. As my time went by my kind, and very generous uncle gave me the worlds best hand gun... The MESOC .45 wow! Now those of you that have shot the 1911 Know there is no substitute for old slab sides... well maybe... You see im a retired marine now, still working for the man though, and as it turned out my new job dose not just tolerate hand canons they require them they even paid for it as long as I got the one they like. That’s right folks they wanted me to carry the new bedazler Tupperware gun some people call the GLOCK 21 now that was going to far no matter how hard I cussed fought or cried that’s what I was given so now that I have shot a few thousand rounds and bought my second glock well lets just say welcome to the twenty-first century huck, I’m a GLOCK man so for all you old timers All I’m saying is ROCK OUT WITH YOUR GLOCK OUT!


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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Good to have you here sir, and thanks for your serivce! :patriot: Glocks are great guns since you can just treat them like a lawmower and they just keep going. Nothing beats a good 1911 though. ;)


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    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    I own lots of different types of handguns.

    I carry Glock 10mms, shoot Glock 9mms in competition and practice with a G-17 with an advantage arms .22 conversion.

    Definitely rocking out with the Glock out!
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