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Older Ammo prices

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  • Bozz10mm

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    Oct 5, 2013
    I thought this 9mm ammo was cheap when I bought it at Walmart 22 years ago. $5.96 adjusted for inflation = $10.41 today. Good luck finding it for $10.41 these days.

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    Oct 4, 2013
    Gunz are icky.
    I remember buying ammo at Walgreens.
    Ammo was expensive then for a working guy.
    I can recall $15.00 for a box of .45Colt.
    Prior to the mid 1980’s 9mm was rare and very expensive. Hardly anyone used it until the Glocks showed up.
    Back then I had a .22 Hornet rifle. It was expensive as hell. Something like $35.00 a box of 50rds. That hurt to buy.
    You could find .30-06 on sale sometimes for $5-6 per 20rd box. My dad had an old .30-40 Krag then. Ammo for it was $12-15 per box of 20. It didn’t get shot much. LoL.
    One of my hunting buddies had a connection to surplus USGI ammo. He would buy 20rd boxes of .30-06 for .99cents. 30 Carbine for $1.25.
    When you made $3.65 an hour these prices were steep.


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    Jan 9, 2013
    San Angelo
    Adjusted for inflation, it would be interesting to figure those numbers out.

    ETA: $1 in 1980 was $3.14 in 2020.
    I don't think most inflation calculators are even remotely accurate... for several reasons.

    A Toyota Corolla SE was $2070 in 1980. a 2023 SE is now $23,000. (yeah, yeah, I know: Cars now have TONS- literally- of more safety, horsepower, reliability...yada yada yada... they still cost 8-15 times what they cost back then)

    A Toyota pickup then vs now is skewed even further.

    Loaf of white bread in 1980 was, per the internet, $0.50/loaf. But I vividly remember mom complaining in the 1982-83 year (I was a freshman in high school and often ate an entire loaf in about a 3-4 minute time span, about 5 minutes after she'd get home from the grocery store) about having to pay $0.39/loaf.... now, though, is $2... so that's about 'right.'

    Of course, a Porsche 911 had a base price of about $36k in 1980, and the base price has 'only' gone up to $109k now... So I guess Porsche has been holding the floodgates back, lol....
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