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    Mar 6, 2009
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    I know I have done this be fore but it is important not to forget. So I would like to send out another big thank you out to all the members of this forum and family members and friends of anyone on this forum that served our country in the military. And also to the family members of the Soldiers,Sailors, Airman and Marines that serve in the military as well I know it is not a small sacrifice on your part to watch them walk away every time they get deployed. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the military! :patriot:

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    Jul 6, 2009
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    found this and wanted to share... :patriot:

    There is discipline in A Soldier
    you can see it when he walks,
    There is honor in A Soldier
    you hear it when he talks.
    There is courage in A Soldier
    you can see it in his eyes,
    There is loyalty in A Soldier
    that he will not compromise.
    There is something in A Soldier
    that makes him stand apart,
    There is strength in A Soldier
    that beats from his heart.
    A Soldier isn't a title any man
    can be hired to do,
    A Soldier is the soul of that man
    buried deep inside of you.
    A Soldier's job isn't finished after
    an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week,
    A Soldier is always A Soldier
    even while he sleeps.
    A Soldier serves his country first
    and his life is left behind,
    A Soldier has to sacrifice what
    comes first in a civilian's mind.
    If you are civilian -
    I am saying this to you.....
    next time you see A Soldier
    remember what they do.
    A Soldier is the reason our land
    is 'Home of the free',
    A Soldier is the one that is brave
    protecting you and me.
    If you are A Soldier -
    I am saying this to you.....
    Thank God for EVERY SOLDIER
    Thank God for what YOU do!

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