Only POW, sitll alive, and still in enemy hands...

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  • nonattrit

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    Sep 4, 2013
    Fort Hood Area
    As the New Year approaches and our major holidays have passed. It absolutely infuriates me how America has all but forgotten SGT Bowe Bergdaghl. A young man being held against his will for almost half a decade.

    Sgt Bowe Bergdahl - America is Waiting for You « Please Support our U.S. Army Soldier who is currently being held as a POW.

    I would like to encourage anyone reading this or checking out the above link (as an example, there are many) to email or call your congressional reps and ask them what the hell is going on? Four years and 5 months + as of right now! He’s paying a penance for what?

    There is a litany of negative back-seat quarterback comments about his situation and how it happened. They are all mis-informed ignorant people – don’t be one of them. Don’t forget he was 23 yrs old when this happened. I challenge anyone to tell me they made all the right decisions when they were that age. There is way more to his situation that will come out if he’s ever released. The problem now is there are so many people that could have made a difference, but didn’t. If he dies there will be a letter, a speech, some cheesy statement from our “leadership” expressing how they exhausted all resources, but just couldn’t get him back (yea right) and it will be yesterday’s news. Don’t let this happen. Make them remember and do something about his detainment.

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    Jan 25, 2013
    Prosper, TX
    Bowe Teusdays!

    FWIW, they have a Facebook page also for those on there. Every Tuesday I share their Bowe Tuesday post. I encourage everyone here to do the same. Lets show Bowe and his family some love, Texas style!


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    Jan 25, 2013
    Prosper, TX

    Not sure why its getting turned sideways but here's the story. For the holidays, my employer had a door decoration contest and this is the door I decorated. Just a few things that are near and dear to me. It was voted as Best Theme by my coworkers. It was even referred to by one of my coworkers as the downer door because it really made people think about things they normally don't think of.



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