opinion on a new online ammo/reloading business

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  • country_boy

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    Feb 7, 2009
    Round Rock
    I have a friend that might start another online business selling outdoor gear, reloading supplies, and of course ammo. His only draw back is he cant find a merchant who will process credit cards for ammunition.Would any of ya'll buy from him with just a check and or money order?? I would.


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    Mar 16, 2009
    He may be able to talk to some of the other ammo merchants about the problem. For awhile, my wife and I were looking into the Drive-Thru Coffee business as they are everywhere in Cali. She would go out and chat up the owners and managers of the various shops, and for the most part they had no problem giving away advice. I imagine in the firearm industry, like any other, he'll run into people who are unwilling to give advice or help because they are worried you'll take their jobs, but I know he can find some people who would be willing to help him out. All this to say, tell him to talk to some gun shop owners and see if he can get ahold of some of the online shop site owners. I'm sure they can point him in the direction of a company that would do CC/DC transactions. As for me, I don't know whether I would be willing to do check or MO for an online transaction. While price is part of it, for the most part I shop online for convenience and often don't mind spending extra at an actual store. I guess it would all come down to availability as to whether I would send something in or not. Try and go for the CC/DC's. Besides, other than for bills, almost no one pays with a check at a retailer anymore...and when they do, it's usually a scam...LOL


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    Nov 21, 2008
    paypal, yes. money order, no.

    I won't give a money order to the guy who wanted me to send the money order to El Paso for brass.

    I just simply wouldn't trust a sight that I don't know that only accepts MO.


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    Feb 22, 2009
    good luck

    you can set up a credit card account from your home/office. It does cost a little and a percentage but is safer for the public. Beaware almost all complaints are settled in the customers favor. But there is a market fir thus in the area . good luck send me a catlog or email when set up for business...bill



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