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NEWS FLASH: IF/WHEN everyone can LAWFULLY bear arms, that includes EVERYONE & we LEOs will NOT be able disarm the PREDATORS, UNTIL AFTER they commit a VIOLENT CRIME (IF THEN).
IOW, the fact that he shouldn't have been able to carry a gun, much less buy one, didn't stop him, did it? Which is exactly why the rest of society needs to wake up and be armed at all times.


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More than a few courts have ruled on this, as referenced in my Post #50 in which I provided the cases and links to the cases.

Simply asking a person to show a permit for behaving in totally lawful manner, when no crime has been committed, is as several courts have ruled, a 4th Amendment violation.

If an officer observes you open carrying, and asks you to see your permit, and you say, "Sure officer, here it is." Well, you in essence waived your rights.

To put some perspective in this, since it is pertaining to the 4th Amendment, how many would allow a LE officer to perform a search of their home or vehicle, without a search warrant? Same principle applies here as well.


Jul 28, 2019
I assure you - I'm quite well educated regarding liberal trope and don't assume otherwise. I can assure you as well, nothing scares me and I didn't indicate that in my post. My paranoia stemmed from just that split second where I move from condition yellow and as a result find it necessary to physically stop someone from accessing my open carry firearm. If it can be seen, it's a potential target for predators. No different than leaving your keys in the ignition or a $20,000 Rolex on your wrist.
I agree with you on all the points you make. Being sort of mildly handicapped, I would have a difficult time with the physical aspect of retainment. Besides, being older and slower, I want that extra second of "surprise". In my opinion the best part for me about OC is not having to worry about printing or accidentally flashing.


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I don’t think criminals open carry as they are trying to avoid any undo attention!

"Our oh so fine" Roger B. R_____________________, the DANGEROUS lunatic, who came after me with a .22 semi-automatic rifle, was certainly carrying OPENLY. = The folks, who SAW him in Jefferson Parish & carrying a loaded rifle, were NOT very concerned, until he started ranting about killing someone.
(What quickly got him apprehended by JPSD Deputies was BRAGGING that he was going to go "smoke the b@st@rd who locked me up at St. Francisville". = Even in Fat City, threatening to kill a LA cop gets you picked-up.)

ADDENDA: Fwiw, my (back then) wife & I sent Mrs. Patel, who owned the coffee shop & reported the ARMED LUNATIC's ranting to the JPSD, a dozen roses & a sincere THANK YOU NOTE. = I'm convinced that she likely saved me from being wounded or killed.

NOTE: ONE of my "pet peeves" is that all too many jurisdictions OFTEN release VIOLENT "crazies", VICIOUS predators & other VERY dangerous subjects, who should remain locked up forever, for NO reason except that the administration doesn't want to pay for their continued incarceration. = In the vast majority of cases, the released inmates revert right back to preying upon innocent people.
(Closing the State Hospitals & releasing the mental patients therein was FAR more costly than keeping the institutions open & the patients in custody, even if the human cost is disregarded.)

yours, satx
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I will say only this about open carry. If you are going to, please use a holster that is designed for sufficient retention, and train yourself on how to defeat that retention to the point it becomes muscle memory and not a conscious thought.
All of which is also a concern with concealed carry as evidenced by the guy who got smoked as he fumbled for his carry at that Fort Worth Church of Christ shooting.


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Feb 19, 2015
OBVIOUSLY, TX license plates are "linked to" the list of CCW licenses because last February I was stopped at just about "oh dark thirty" by a DPS female trooper.
The officer walked up to my car & informed me that I had a tail-light that was "non-functional" & told me to go get it fixed, ASAP & "sent me on my way", after asking what I was carrying.
(She had NOT asked to see my DL/CCW, so firearms licenses MUST be in her computer.)

yours, satx
Correct, most jurisdictions have the ability to link to CHL's from registration.


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