Owning multiple handguns in the same caliber?


Apr 20, 2020
I'm down to 3 handgun calibers, without a lot of desire to add. Working guns (EDC / primary self defense pistols) are 9mm for my wife and I. 9 is fine, I sold my last .45 off months ago.

I've got a .357 Mag Ruger Blackhawk inherited. I'm not a big revolver guy, but its a good feeling gun, and I keep it loaded up with snake shot. Haven't had a shoot a snake with it yet, but I've also got some 157 grain and some 125 grain JHP's for it, plus some .38 spl too.

The other handguns are technically in a rifle caliber - .22lr. We have a couple .22's because why wouldn't you?

I'm not 100% opposed to adding another caliber back, but it would have to be because I got a great deal on a gun in a different caliber. I love .45's, but don't love the cost of feeding them anymore. I'll take the right gun in .40, but it is not a caliber I love. .357Sig? I've owned a couple and the *only* gun I'd ever consider getting in that caliber and going back into it would be a Glock 31, with the purpose of turning it into a race gun.

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Jan 15, 2019
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Owning multiple handguns and many in the same caliber to my personal taste is the ultimate oxymoron situation. I have never considered what is too many handguns? Calibers at that point has no consideration as to quantity.
If you get to my strange position of..... can your collection become so large that it consumes you? When you have invested over fifty years and most all of your spare and expendable income on the investment as a passion. Couple that with extensive study of the history involving your particular passion and their role in where we are. Calibers become a mere footnote. After acquiring hundreds of hand guns, some of the same model but in differing variations the whole can expand exponentially! Take for example, Colt's pistols from early model percussion revolvers through todays pieces. Or just the study and collecting of Colt semi-automatic pistols is a field all of it's own! Heck you can collect just ammunition in all of its variations and designs and never see all of it! My collection of 100+ cartridge hand guns is far from complete. Take for example Colt's Model 1877 DA revolvers. At first glance would not seem like a big deal ... uh oh that little six gun by itself makes me nuts.... er. I did not know until I was hooked by the "lightning" Colt! It is just NUTS! The variations of the "Three Revolvers" in that DA model is baffling!
Have fun and NEVER give up! There is just too much to do!


Feb 11, 2019
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Just a curiosity question. Do you think think it's best to own multiple handguns in the same caliber or do you feel you should have several different caliber handguns in your collection? Do you feel there's a point where you have "too many" pistols in the same caliber? I know answers will vary, I just wanted to hear some different opinions.
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Oct 4, 2013
Gunz are icky.
I don’t own a single 22

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