PASADENA gun show 4/18 & 4/19 (the Real Gun Show)

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  • dbgun

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    Mar 17, 2008
    Houston, TX.
    Is anyone going to the gun show in Pasadena this coming weekend? I have plans on Saturday, but might make the Sunday show.

    Where: Pasadena Convention Center (7902 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena,TX)
    Date/time; 4/18: 9AM to 5PM .........4/19: 10:00Am to 5:00PM
    Cost; Adults-$7, Children under 12-FREE, Weekend pass-$12

    Will probably be just a crazy as the last Pasadena show.:banghead:


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    Jul 16, 2008
    Probably can't make it on Saturday, but thinking about Sunday...and then thinking that by Sunday anything reasonably priced will likely be gone.


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    Oct 13, 2008
    i will be there sunday AM .. look for a bald white guy that looks like "right wing gun nut"

    CZ guy

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    May 13, 2008
    Left of Galveston Bay
    I'll be there Sunday wearing my Thunder Ranch tee shirt and carrying a Dr Pepper. I MIGHT even make it inside this time. :mad: I saved up $13 and it's burning a hole in my pocket!


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    Mar 17, 2008
    Houston, TX.
    look for a bald white guy that looks like "right wing gun nut"

    You just described 90% of the people that will be there.


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    Nov 24, 2008
    I went. Rain was bad! Show was pretty crowded, no wait to get in (at 12pm) but inside was packed. A few observations:

    1. Saw a number of Ruger LCPs, I did not expect too see any as they seem to be the hot item right now. Prices ranged around the $440 mark.
    2. Ammo was in pretty decent supply. Saw all calibers except .380 for sale. prices were average.
    3. Plenty of ARs, AKs, FAL etc. Prices were shall we say a bit on the high side.
    4. Not many large dealers present, seem to be a much higher amount of small vendor selling guns this time.
    5. Lots of 1st time buyers, families, women etc. Seems the gun buying craze has really spread.
    6. Not alot of loud know it alls or guys looking like they are about to deploy to a warzone. I just do not understand why some folks have to go to gun shows wearing all kinds of tactical gear and carrying a full compliment of firearms. Who exactly are they trying to impress? And the loud know it alls.......sorry that was more a rant than a observation I guess.

    I went looking for a true pocket size handgun. Looked at a number before buying a Colt 1908 Hammerless .25 for $399. A little cosmetic wear and tear but very sound mechanically and perfect grips on it. It was made in 1917 according to the serial number. Needs a good cleaning but I just cycled a couple of magazines worth of the S&B .25 ammo I picked up ($12.50 a box) and it cycled them fine. This little gun is a true pocket pistol and just slips into a pocket of jeans like nobody's business.

    I also saw a AA .50 Beowulf for $1499, not sure if that is a good price but man would I love to have that little beauty. I have no use for it but who can not like something called a Beowulf in .50 caliber? Maybe cause I just saw the movie again last week.

    Also looked at a Walther PPS 9mm ($575) and would have gotten that instead of the Colt but there was a 1+ hour wait to "checkout" due to the crowds and I really did not feel like waiting that long. The Colt (different dealer) was about a 5 min buy as I have my CCW and did not have to wait for a background check. The Walther would have had me waiting behind a number of buyers without a CCW and the background check was slowing that process down of course. The PPS sure seemed like a nice pistol.

    The best deal I think I saw was on a HK P30 for $750 NIB. Carters Country is asking $998 for this gun. I absolutely love the way it feels in my hand but I really have no use for it so I did not buy it. I think $750 is a great price on that gun and it was tempting to say the least.


    $399 + tax for the Colt .25
    $27 for 100 rounds of .25ACP FMJ
    $15 for beef jerkey (well you know my son wanted some)
    $5 for 2 sodas
    $14 admission

    $475 or so out the door.......

    Not bad until you throw the $200 + my wife spent (she dropped us off and went shopping at Old Navy then picked us up)

    All in all a much better show than the last one I went to in Pasadena a couple of months back.
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