Pics of my old 05 Mustang


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Mar 17, 2008
Tomball, TX
My buddy from KY sent me some pics today of the car I sold him. This was one of the first 05's out, I put a Saleen supercharger on it and pushed 415hp to the tires.

Ughh, this sucks so much ass...





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May 29, 2017
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Looks like it got away from him. The driver's side wheels dug into the ground sideways and flipped it. Wasn't going very fast, there isn't much damage for rolling it on it's roof.

Drive wheels are in full lock countersteer, looks like he tried to save it. You can even see the skid profile on the passenger side front tire, spotty white patches.


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Mar 28, 2008
Did that car have a posi or locker or was it an open rear diff? That left tire is wore down a lot more than the other.

Glad your buddy is ok.


Feb 29, 2008
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As long as we're guessing:

I noticed that the grass between the road and power line post is not disturbed and there are no visible skid marks on the road from that direction. This means he was heading toward that direction. The tires are locked toward the passenger side. I venture that he wandered off the right side of the road, swerved left (possibly causing the rear to come loose), then over-corrected right (leaving the wheel locked in the over-corrected right turn position). This is when the rear tires left the road, with all weight bias on the drivers side. The downward slope of the ditch, with all the weight bias on that side, caused the car to over-turn. Certainly, anything could have caused him to over-correct, but, that looks like how it ended.

Maybe we are all wrong. He could have just been sitting on the side of the road, drinking his Pepsi and admiring that pole. A moped may have driven by at blistering speed, creating a shockwave that blew him over.

I hope he is okay.


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Mar 17, 2008
Tomball, TX
LOL, good stuff y'all.

The way he described it to me, he was rolling about 15mph, poppped the clutch and broke the tires loose. It got away from him and he came around 180 and drifted (slowly) into the ditch. There was such an incline the car rolled (gently) on its lid.

Both the guys were fine, the funny thing is they both cut their hands climbing over the barbed-wire fence.

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