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Pistol Brace Amnesty/Registration

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    Aug 4, 2014
    1. .....if bump stocks are any indication, I wouldn't put too much faith in the "800lb Gorilla" that likes hiding in the corner taking donations for WLP's extravagances until they can take credit for a victory that someone else won.

    2. Prove me wrong, NRA.
    They may not be perfect, but to imply they don't do anything is equally disingenuous.

    What's funny is we tell customers they need to join the NRA (or other organizations). And they complain about how the orgs don't do anything. Okay, tough guy, then what have you done to protect our collective rights? Have you even called your congressman? Of course, you're just one guy so they won't even sit down with you. The truth is that many or most gun owners don't contribute in any way to the 2A defense fund. They don't serve in the military. They aren't on committees or running for office. They don't even pay a $25 annual membership to NRA, GOA, etc. They contribute nothing but complaints.
    You'll never make 5mm members, and 15mm "never-NRAs" happy always. But show me what you've done (you, being anyone who isn't a member) that is equally or more effective in protecting our rights.


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    Sep 3, 2014
    San Leon
    I cannot see how this arbitrary rule can stand. It will certainly be challenged in the courts. There are likely thousands of weapons with braces in inventory right now that gun manufacturers, distributors, and dealers would be losing millions of dollars to accept this without a fight and simply acquiesce.

    Just for fun, right after posting the first part, I went shopping at grabagun. They currently have in stock 12 models of CZ semiautos that will accept a brace or stock of some kind, no mention of how many of each. I'm seriously considering purchasing another Scorpion Micro to replace the one that was stolen. I already have 5 extra magazines, so I need something that takes them.
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    Feb 22, 2021
    From @FenixAmmunition Twitter account;
    "Just so we're clear: In 120 days, the top weapon will be perfectly legal to purchase, transfer, or sell with no special permit required. The bottom weapon, if not registered, will result in a 10 YEAR FELONY FOR THE POSSESSOR. The difference between them? Roughly 3" in total."



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    Feb 22, 2021
    Not the last word but maybe the most entertaining from Brandon Herrera on this topic. He has got 2+ million YouTube subscribers and something to say for just about everything. He says he is not a lawyer so if you are affected by this new ATF rule be a responsible and lawful gun owner and do what is right (best???) for you.


    In this video [Brandon will go over arm braces, the ATF’s new rule, and what that means for all formerly legal brace owners.
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