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Dec 29, 2012
We are working on a business plan to build a new facility in the DFW or surrounding area. We have posted a short survey on the internet to gather data for the business plan and selecting the proper location. The more people that fill out the survey the easier it will be to gather investors for this project. The survey also has an email address where you can contact us with your thoughts and concerns. Please go to Thank you for your support.


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May 31, 2012
Wildcat Thicket, Texas
Done. It would be much better if you could narrow it down a bit. The DFW and surrounding area is pretty huge.

Also the option to choose 600 yard would be nice.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!


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Jan 24, 2011
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If you want to trump all the other ranges in the area:

1. Build an RV Park just for shooters.

2. Reactive Targets.

3. Club house for shooters when they are done shooting -- Grilled Steaks, Baked Potatoes, and a salad. Plenty of beer/wine/whiskey.

Attractive escorts would be a plus.


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Dec 29, 2012
Sorry Had to take the survey down to make the adjustments the others had mentioned.

I have added a "from where" question. Thank you for the advice. If you would like to retake it you would have to clear your cookies in your browser. Also, I would appreciate anyone that passes this survey along. Again the more people I can reach the easier it will be to convenience investors in the future. Have a great New Year!

On the 600 yard, I do not see how this could be possible in or near the city. One of my associates mentioned stocking targets to simulate different distances such as what the military uses for some qualifications.


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Dec 29, 2012
Thank you all for your support if you know of anyone else that would be willing to fill it out I would appreciate you spreading the word. I have been planning this range since my last deployment to Iraq and I am now trying to get the business plan together to get the needed investors. This facility is a multi-million dollar project and getting the required data will be very beneficial. Again thank you to all who have contributed.


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Sep 30, 2012
Multi-Million dollar operation is true. If you do not have a reputable range consultant(s) as part of your plan, I would suggest you have one involved from the start..

If you don't already have one, I suggest a NRA Range Source Book....I found it an invaluable asset...

Shooting Range Services|NRA Range Source Book

jmho.......and Good luck....
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Jul 8, 2012
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I knocked out the survey! If you get the range on the outskirts of town, I would think you could get some land and put up a 600-800 yrd range. You would also have plenty of room for the occasional explosions, parking for big weekends (or events like our meetups ;D), and placing any future buildings on the land down the road. Who knows, one day you could get to where you have a gun store, a shop with shooter/range accessories, a reloading shop for all the brass you pick up on the range, and maybe some sort of an open area with just a concrete floor and a roof for Bar-b-que's. You may not want all that from the start, but once you get going, it's amazing how far you can take it and have a blast while doing it all.


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