Police Hunt For Woman Suspected Of Ramming Man With SUV

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    CORPUS CHRISTI - Police are searching for a hit-and-run driver involved in an incident that left a Southside man with some pretty serious injuries.
    Surveillance video of the hit-and-run was shot this past Friday at the Stripes Store on Saratoga Boulevard near South Staples Street.
    In the video, a heavyset woman, about 30-years-old with blondish hair and about 5 feet, 5 inches tall comes out of the store and gets into her car.
    A few minutes later, the victim, 45-year-old John Heldenfels, Jr. walks out of the store, crosses the parking lot and just as he gets to the door of his SUV, the woman backs up and hits him, crushing him against the car door.
    She drove off, but police found the GMC Yukon later that evening at a Sonic that was around the corner from where the accident took place.
    "They [police] spoke to the current owner who told them he had loaned the car to the female and they are currently in the process of identifying this woman," Public Information Officer, Todd Green, said.
    In addition, despite the injuries Heldenfels, Jr. sustained, he is back at home now. His vehicle was damaged, but the injuries to his body were more severe; he received several deep cuts and six broken ribs. He said he doesn't know if it was an accident or deliberate. All he does know is that he went inside the Stripes store to get ice.
    "The first thing I was thinking was I can't breathe. I was so compressed the air just got out of me and luckily it was only a second or two," Heldenfels, Jr. said.
    However, his injuries will take months to heal.
    "I have some good friends, and my parents live nearby, so I'm getting a lot of help. Really, the way to deal with it is time, it just takes time," Heldenfels, Jr. said.
    Heldenfels, Jr. has seen the surveillance video of the person who hit him.
    "When I finally saw the video I was surprised that I wasn't hurt or still in the hospital. I don't know, it looked like it could be fatal," Heldenfels, Jr. said.
    Police said they are close to finding the female suspect who is responsible for the crime. Police said she could face felony charges of failure to remain at the scene of an accident. In the meantime, all Heldenfels, Jr. wants is to hear that the person in that video is found.
    Currently, police are asking the public to call the traffic unit at 888-2685 with any information on the hit-and-run

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