Posse Needed for DFW Texas Reenactment

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    Jul 20, 2009
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    Posse Needed for DFW Texas Reenactment
    Gentlemen....and ladies, I am in need of a few good men and women to join me and my posse to re-create a Sam Bass shootout this fall in the DFW area! We are putting on a full scale reenactment throughout the day in Roanoke, TX on October 10, 2009. I will be able to pay my posse members some, probably $50 or $60 to cover expenses. We have a really good time doing this and have done it every year for the past 4 years.

    I need men that will basically shoot and die and be color. We put on a really big show for lots of folks that come out for Celebrate Roanoke. I'm looking for authenticity, so cowboy action shooters are a natural for this.

    I have a movie on line that you can watch to get an idea of what we do. You can see it at:


    If you are interested, please email at chadc@esrnet.com or call me at 817-266-9265. My name is Chad by the way.

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