power's out!!!!

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    Mar 25, 2009
    our power went out and we had a huge storm blow into downtown dallas the winds were so strong they blew our patio doors open and flooded our living room, so we decided to pull a new orleans and evac to the in laws house. we started packing clothes and toiletries and all my school stuff and of course my HK well i clipped my serpa on my back and on the way out our armed security guard's were in the lobby, so we walk past them and i say hi i know them pretty good we talk guns quite frequently and right after i walk past them i see a flash light move from the floor onto my back and hear "WHAT THE HELL!! everyone around here has bigger guns than us" i had totally forgot i had put my gun on my back pack, we talked shop for a minute or two while he admired my HK and he said "yall be safe maybe we could get together sometime and go to the range" and that is the some of my evening.

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    LOL....our daughters tricycle blew past the window and scared the heck out of my wife.
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    Jan 28, 2009
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