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  • oldguy

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Anyone know the locations of some small rifle primers I can purchase.?

    Have never seen a shortage like this in reloading components, reasons
    perhaps, election, overall demand, manufacturing not producing due
    to shortage of supplies, war.?????

    Does anyone know if we manufacture primers in USA now or simply
    made elsewhere and boxed in states.


    Active Member
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    try they have /had some yesterday but the hazmat and shipping total $30 make a substantial order or get a few guys to go in together and it will still be a savings I just put in an order last week for 10k large pistol and 10k small pistol along with many others in the magnum and rifle catagory it came down to about $2.60 per hundred after shipping.


    New Member
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    Feb 18, 2009
    SW Houston - Westbury
    Try 10Ring here in Houston. They had primers in stock when I was up there last week. Call them at (281) 894-7464.

    I'll probably be up there tomorrow or Tuesday to pick up some powder and a bullet puller (f#@&!). I'll see what they have if you don't get a chance to call them.

    I'm not affiliated in any way, just like the shop and want it to do well so they stick around.

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