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  • Amber

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    Mar 27, 2009
    I am looking to order some gun cleaning supplies and i have some questions about some of these products.

    My first queston is for those who have used both these products m Hoppes Elite Gun Cleaner and M PRO 7 Gun Cleaner. I feel Hoppes Elite cleaner cleans away carbon very very easily and is a very good degreaser. Is Mpro 7 as good a degreaser as Hoppes and does it clean carbon as good? I read somewhere thats its practically the same product... is it? Then why is there a little price difference?

    My second question si sabout a product called Boretech Eliminator. Anyone ever tried bore tech eliminator? Is it good to remove lead as well as carbon? IS it harh on gun metals?

    One last question about another product called Weapon Shield

    Someone said weapon shield is so good that it cleans lead very easily infact so easily that u dont even need a bronze bush with that. Just give it a good coat of weapon shield and dwell time and it'll just patch out easily. IS it true

    Sorry i am asking too many questions at the same time.

    Thanks everone.


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