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Nov 17, 2008
Kempner Texas
I have a smith&Wesson 30-06 model A Sweden.its bolt action,and has a old Bushnell scope chief IV ON IT.IT HAS SIGHTS AND IS LIGHT WEIGHT.My question is was it made in Sweden?and what year it was second question is on a savage arms,Springfield model 840 series E in 222 Remington bolt action with a has a 4x32,4g5/o japan scope.
any ideal when made?
also have a sks 7.62x39mm,it has ACC.INTL/INTRAC,Knoxville Tenn made in has Chinese marking on it.was it original made in china and redone in Knoxville?it has the sling hookup on the side of the stock and also a X scope on it.can some one give me a ball park price on it?
I will probably list it for trade later on once i get some pictures of it to post along with my winchester model 1200 defender and savage 24s-A. 22mag/over,20 gauge under.thanks for looking and if you could help me with the top two it would be great.


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Nov 8, 2008
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The SKS was made in China. It was imported by a Knoxville company. Many times it is those companies that etch a serial number on them if they didn't have one. In all liklihood the way it looks now is pretty much how it came from the factory. Havent looked at the SKS market lately, but they used to run no more than $200-$225. With the current panic going on folks are trying to gouge people for $400-$600, which is a joke.

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