Questions on Mac CM11/9 conversions and accs.


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Jan 7, 2009
Hey yall,

I just picked up a new toy, a Leinad CM11/9 Carbine. For those unfamiliar with the gun, it has a 16" barrel and a bolted on stock on the rear. It is all built around a Mac 11 9mm. I have no problems with being able to change out the stock on it with a newer and more comfortable stock. I would however like to change the barrel and be able to add on some acessories, such as a light, a scope and a front handle. I have found complete uppers that come wirh anywhere from 6" to 10" barrels and also include a side cocker, which allows a pit. rail on the top of the weapon. The come with a variety of front grip style depending on barrel length. But my main question is can I change the barrel length legally and do I need to file and pay the tax stamp to have it classifed as an SBR if I throw on a different upper.

Also, I have been told that the Carbine Macs are rare guns and don't show up for sale very often. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks again!
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