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R.I.P. Ranger the Range Cat

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    Mar 29, 2008
    north houston
    For all of us that have had the pleasure of playing and cavorting with Ranger the Range Cat, it is a sad day. I have never been a cat person ( I have big-ass dogs at home ), nor did I ever think I would be until he wandered in one night and wouldn't leave! He was a dog-cat. Friendly, and with a personality I have never seen in a feline before, he quickly became a fixture in here, playing with kids and offering a spread eagle belly for anyone to pet. He never tried to bite or scratch, he just wanted a lap to sit on or a display case to lay in. Earlier today, minding his own business on the front porch, 2 Rottweilers attacked him. He put up a hell of a fight. One customer pounded one of the attacking dogs with a pipe, while Ranger tried to work on the other one. He put a knife-like wound in the bigger dog that looked as though he used my Sig Sauer knife! To make a long story not as long, the owner of the dogs was very apologetic as the now hostile crowd circled. He paid for the bill for Ranger to be put out of his misery and assured me that his dogs would never get out of the gate again. He was assured if they ever pawed our property again it would be certain death. Animal Control refused to do anything, stating that I would first get a ticket b/c Ranger needed to be on a leash, on the porch, on our property. Never mind the almost 300 lbs. of foaming dogs roaming the streets and attacking other animals. I'm glad he wasn't on a leash as then he certainly wouldn't have lasted as long as he did. And to answer the question, as an excited, terrified group of customers circled the attack, there was no clear line of fire to empty my mags into those dogs. It's going to be hard to drive past that big, white house by the golf course and see those dogs slamming into the wrought iron fence by the street and then open the range and not be greeted by everyones friend, Ranger. R.I.P. little buddy. Here are some pics to remember him by.




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    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    Man, I'm sorry to hear the news. I've not had the pleasure of making your aquaintence or Ranger's but am saddened by the news. I'm truly sorry for your loss.


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    Oct 5, 2008
    A moment of silence.

    I'll commerate Ranger with a moment of silence at my next practice session at Shiloh.

    Just like a true Texan.... It took more of THEM to get the best of ONE of HIM. Maybe the dawgs will think twice before they try to pull another one on a "gun tot'n community mascot".

    I'm gonna miss him.

    I'm sorry for your loss.



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    Oct 2, 2008
    I'm not a cat person, rather a dog person. With that said sorry for the loss of Ranger. As for those 2 dogs they should be put down. They will continuously try and attack other animals now since they have the taste of blood in their mouths. Once they attack like that they're no good any longer and should be put down.

    Too bad you couldn't have killed both dogs, since they were trespassing on your property. By the way your cat doesn't need to be on a leash on your property. However those dogs should have been since they weren't on their property any longer. Thats why I love Idaho. Someone's dog on your property attacking or threatening you, your family, livestock, or other animals you have the right to kill it.

    Again I'm sorry for your loss, and are you planning on getting a replacement mascot? If so will it be Ranger Jr. or Ranger the 2nd?


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    Apr 6, 2008
    inner loop houston
    i did not get there til 5pm and was told the bad news. im not going to lie, i was about to get watery eyes, just LASTNIGHT, ranger and i was having so much fun while jeff and the other guys were shooting during our advance tactical workout.

    I think for the most part, a lot would agree that we wanted the outcome to be a lot different; we wanted 2 less dogs in the world. But with the situation being what it was... Jeff is right, its going to be hard being at the range, my second home, now that our little buddy isnt there...
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