Range Bag - local sources?


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Jan 23, 2009
New Braunfels, TX
This looked like the most likely spot ta ask this, so....

I'm tryin' to find a range bag that'll fit MY range trips. What I've seen so far has been okay for 1-3 guns, but I generally take 4-6 to the range (myself & wife go). On occassion I'll take more, but I've got a hard case for that. That's usually when I've got someone's wife that isn't sure just what they're gonna like, and most within my circle know that I've got a pretty decent assortment of handguns...

Anyway - that's what I'd like to find - a GOOD range bag that I can (preferably) pick up locally. I really prefer to be able to check it out in person before making a decision. Oh - and I'll generally take 3-500 rounds of ammo, small cleaning kit/repair kit, oil, etc.

Oh, yeah - local is San Antonio area....<G>


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Jan 23, 2009
I use a Plumbers bag.
Check places like Harbor Freight, Home Dept, Lowes.
These bags are full of pockets, hard bottoms, heavy duty canvas and come in all sizes. Also they are cheap when compared to a actual range bag.


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Oct 22, 2008
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This is the one I have. I like it pretty well, although you've got to use gun rugs to keep the pistols secured. I can carry 5 pistols plus ear protection, shooting glasses and other paraphernalia. When I bring that many guns, I have another small case for ammo, otherwise with one or two guns, all the ammo will fit in the case. Price was right too. Got it free when I bought Paula's 637.


Here are some other ones I've seen people have. The Sig bag is really nice.

As far as picking any of these up local, I donno, except CTD if that's close to you. Most gun shops and even Cabela's and Bass Pro have a limited selection of range bags.


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Jul 16, 2008
It's difficult to find a bag with padded compartments for more than 2 handguns. If you do, you'll damn near need a dolly to tote it. I have this bag (which can be found for about half the MSRP) [URL]http://tac-force.com/largerangebag.aspx[/URL] and put the padded center compartment dividers in the end pockets for protection when carrying four handguns in it. The center compartment is then plenty big enough for eyes, ears, ammo, toolkit, targets, and a couple more handguns in rugs. Fully loaded like that, and it's guaranteed to crook your back. LOL

Not sure how to help you on finding one local to you, but I did get mine at a shop in Houston.
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