Range Report: Kimber Ultra Carry II


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Apr 1, 2008
Lago Vista
Just got back from my Kimber Ultra Carry II's maiden voyage to the range, and it was a huge success.

I ran 100 rounds of Clinton 230gr FMJ reloads through first, every one fired, every one ejected.

Then 20 rounds of Taurus 185gr HPs (they use the same bullets as CorBon's DPX), no failures.

20 rds of Federal 165gr Expanding HPs, no failures
25 rds of Remington 230gr Golden Saber JHPs, no failures.

I don't have a chrono (sorry) but accuracy was excellent. I shot at 7 yards, all 165 rounds shot in the black on 9" oval Caldwell Orange Peel targets, and most were in the center or close to it.

I bought it to carry, and after another trip or two ... and finding a holster (any suggestions?) it's going to take over that role from my Kahr PM9.

I was a bit apprehensive because of some negative things said about Kimber, but the gun had everything I wanted -- size, weight, .45ACP -- so I got it. So far, I'm delighted.

Love to hear from other UC owners; like yours, hate it? holster? favorite ammo? So far the Golden Saber is in the lead, it was the most accurate and easiest to shoot, tho none of the test rounds were hard to control.


Jul 7, 2008
Seguin, Tx
Awesome report, thanks.

I've considered getting an UC, but haven't yet. I've got my HK expert in 45 and a full size Kimber Custom II TLE.

The Kimber is my weapon that I'd trust it all to, I've put somewhere between 1500 and 1750 rounds through it with one issue and that was due to a less than perfect magazine...from Kimber.

Since, I've stuck with Wilson and Tripp Cobramags for carry with Speer Gold Dot 200gr.+P and a Glasier Safety Slug #6.

Over the chrony with the 5" barrel, the Glasier (145gr+P) ran nearly 1500fps about 7 yards from the muzzel and the Gold dots were up around 1200fps. That is a full 5" barrel, but 1200fps out of a 45ACP.

Haven't had a chance to really test the HK yet, but will have a range report when I do.


Mar 4, 2008
I have the ultra carry II and it has been flawless.I also have the Kimber pro ten that is also a great pistol.Have not had to send them back as they have been reliable so I cannot tell you how Kimbers customer service is.I am shooting the Hornady Tap and Gold dots without any hiccups.Glad to hear that you also got a good one as I have heard some horror stories about Kimbers lately.


Feb 23, 2008
San Antonio
Thanks for that report and I'd really appreciate some updates when you have the chance. Being in the market for a subcompact .45, the Kimber was at the top of my list until I started reading a lot of negative comments. Now I'm gunning(no pun intended) for a Para Companion Carry, but I'm still considering the Kimber.


Jun 18, 2008
I love my Ultra Carry II and have found its happiest in a Brommeland Max Con V from http://www.coalcreekarmory.com/holsters_brommeland.html

It absolutely disappears. It's one of the only IWB I have ever owned that does not develop that 'dead spot numb feeling', and the holster is really gorgeous.

The Ultra Carry is an amazing carry gun, and it really is surprising how accurate it is out of a 3" barrel. It's a tack driver.

Don't worry about the Kimber haters out there...I like to think of them as people who settle for too little or don't have the money to upgrade.;)


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Apr 1, 2008
Lago Vista
Chevy, I read a lot of negative things about Kimber, too .. Para didn't interest me, but I talked about it with my local shop owner, who's a Kimber dealer .. he says most of Kimber's problems were with their external extractor, which never seemed right out of the box ... the UCII of course has their internal extractor; he says because of the change, Kimber is now his top selling 1911, along with Springfield ... based on yesterday's shoot, I'm going to love this gun .... and BTW, I got it for $675 at the Austin gun show, $100 below my usual shop and $50 below McBride's in Austin ... NIB


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
My main carry holster is a Brommeland also. It's a Presentation Grade (extreme detail boning) but I wouldn't hesitate buying a Service Grade from Coal Creek....specially since that's all he's making now. :D

About that UCII range report. I can't believe you're that naive. Everything about that report is wrong. Don't you read things on the Internet???

First off, you HAVE to shoot only 230 gn FMJ factory loads. Anything else will screw it up, won't fire, won't feed, won't eject...you name it. No JHP's at all either. Again, they'll jam up, FTF, fail to return to battery, prematurely lock back etc.

Next, you need to get at least 2400 rounds through it but not without sending it back to Kimber a minimum of 3 times for all the failures and problems it has (you just haven't tried hard enough to find them)

You'll also need to try mag's from at least 12 different manufactures befor eyou find one that won't cause problems.

Once you've dont that, you can say anything you like.

It's good to hear good reports, especialy on 3" 1911's (and Kimber). You need to report that at http://forums.1911forum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=27



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