range report

jim t

Mar 4, 2008
Hawley Texas
my son took my AR 15 out to try it out today, well he really went out to practice for his ccw class coming up soon. but I told him to go ahead and take out the AR and try it out. It is new and not been shot before so to break it in a little. well he fired 140 rounds through his 9mm and then took out the AR.

I should tell you that the wind is blowing at 20 to 30 miles an hour here today. but he took a few shots at 50 yards to adjust the scope I had just put on the gun. then he tryed it at 100 yards. he put 2 of the 5 shoots through the 10 ring and all of them on the target. he decided to try it at 200 yards, i dont know if I would have done that in that wind. but he did and he got 5 of 5 in a 7 inch circle at 200 yards.:eek:

he had to bring the target back home to show me. now that is impressive shooting for a new gun.



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