RCBS Starter Setup in Lufkin


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Mar 24, 2008
Lufkin, Texas
I have made a couple of trades lately & have enough components to put together a pretty good starter kit for a new reloader or someone who wants a single stage setup for loading rifle ammo. Titled RCBS because most of it is.

Rock Chucker II press- does not show to have even been mounted. There is one small paint flake off at the top unseen in picture. Paper work & instructions.
5-0-5 scale- also as new. not a spot on it. Box & paper work
Uniflow Powder measure w/ mounting bracket & screws- shows to have been used. Excellent shape. Black line on powder reservoir is marker & my guess is a gauge line to keep powder at relative constant level. No original box or paper.
Hand priming tool original box & paper- shows use, no cracks in primer tray, handle squeezes a little gritty but I used it to prime the last 2000 9mm I just finished loading to know it was working properly .
One RCBS loading block. Could stand a run through dish washer. No cracks.
Lyman Universal Case Trimmer - Shows use but well cared for. Some paint flaking. Pilots included are 22, 30, 35, 44. The 44 cal pilot shows very slight rust. All others are CLEAN. Close up below.

223 - Hornady New Demension Dies w/ 2 shell holders. Show previous use. Very well cared for. no rust at all. Paper & case in good shape.
45 ACP Hornady New Demension Custom Grade dies w/ 1 shell holder. Paper work is opened but this set does not show to have ever been screwed in a press.

$250.00 FTF or plus actual shipping. No pay-pal. Will be packed in an RCBS Kit Box.


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Aug 26, 2008
NW San Antonio
Can something be added to make .40 cal? Sorry for the stupid question, with the price of ammo I am thinking of learning to do this.
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